Scot Henderson Images - Unexpected Observations
As a kid, the photo-essays in National Geographic, Life, Look and other magazines, sparked my interest in photography. Who took those pictures? Why? How did they see that moment? In high school, I discovered Ansel Adams’ fine art photography and spent the next several years focused on landscape and nature. Waiting for the light to be just right teaches patience. It also offers the opportunity to learn the difference between looking and seeing. Suddenly, you become aware of small things you used to pass by.

Volunteering for the Race For The Cure, Denver, in the late 1990’s rekindled my passion for photojournalism and telling a story with pictures. Working with a couple of great photographers pushed me to be in the moment, every moment. We needed to be aware that the sponsors want to see the scope and scale of the event. People want to see the emotion, impact and power of those quiet moments, unexpected observations in the midst of all that activity.

In 1999, The Brent Eley Foundation asked me to photograph Kid’s Cure For Cancer, which raises funds for Brent’s Place. Until relocating to Maryland in 2011, I was official photographer. For more information check-out

Along the way I have been able answer those questions that piqued my interest in photography: I take those pictures. To tell the story. I learn from those who came before. To quote Pablo Picasso, “Bad artists copy. Good artists steal”.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to working with you.